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Godspell (Infinity Theatre Company, MD 2017)

"One performer stood out as one who could join the current cast of the venerable 'SNL,' being equally adept at celebrity impressions, dance moves and singing. Grant Bowen, reminding me of longtime TV cast member Darrell Hammond, practically stole the show with his uncanny Bernie Sanders, Matthew Broderick, and Jon Lovitz's Master Thespian."

- Jeffrey Walker,

"...a Ferris Bueller joke that is executed to perfection by Grant Bowen as Matthew Broderick and Ashely D. Buster as Jennifer Grey..."

- Mike Bevel,

"...although Grant Bowen doesn't have a solo song in the production, he is more than memorable for his outstanding character work. Whenever he adapts a new character in a parable, it comes with a clear-cut accent - usually outrageous for comedic effect - a distinguished physicality, and a perfected persona that augments the telling of these moral tales. His Bernie Sanders impersonation is top-notch and could easily pass for authentic SNL material."

- Amanda N. Gunther,


GRIMM: A New Musical (FringeNYC 2012)


"Best of all is Grant Bowen, as a plucky Hansel, who socks across one of the best songs, 'My Sister, the Queen.'"

- David A. Rosenberg,


"...a bright-eyed, focused and entertaining actor-singer, Grant Bowen (a year out of college and making his New York debut - let's keep an eye and an ear out for his talent) playing Hansel came forth with his big number and was a ray of sunshine...It was so enjoyable..."

- Rob Lester,


"...Bowen's clear tenor on "My Sister, the Queen" is a highlight."

- PJ Grisar,


Parade (Magic City Actors Theatre, AL 2009)


"...Grant Bowen will bring a tear to your eye with his beautiful song..."

- Alec Harvey, The Birmingham News


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre, NC 2009)


"Bowen's portrayal of Joseph was spot-on, as was his incredible vocal ability. His performance of 'Close Every Door' was close to perfection."

- Charity Apple, The Times-News


The Jungle Book (Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre, NC 2009)


"Grant Bowen is perfectly cast as Mowgli. His playfulness is evident..."

- Charity Apple, The Times-News



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